January 25, 2015

New place and new schedule

Hello everyone, I'm not dead, haha. I have in fact found a job and I am settling into new house and new workplace. Now that I found my rhythm again, I will be continuing the commissions and also Black Sheep. I have abandoned other projects like games and short comics because I just can't expend my energy into those.
And after the closing of Inkblazers, I am also moving my stuff to Smackjeeves and Tapastic. It was a good place and I was devastated it had to shut down...
So here is a TLDR list:
1. Continue commission. But the schedule can no longer be that the drawing be finished in one week. It will take longer than that. Besides that I only have internet access on Sunday/Saturdays, so I will contact you on any of those days.
2. Draw Black Sheep. Black Sheep now has a sporadic updates, since I haven't drawn any new pages for the past few weeks and my drafts are left in my old hometown. However, I do plan to still have a weekly update on Tapastic, be it one or two pages.
3. TF2 comics. Yea I am now in this fandom haha. I will be drawing some TF2 comics to destress so expect those.


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